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NPSY.Lab-VR Lab Day – July 2nd 2021

Dear all,You are invited to NPSY.Lab-VR Lab Day that will focus on Interoception and take place on July the 2nd, 2021 at 10:30 (CEST). Please find below the flyer with the program. The meeting will take place both in presence…


Dear all, this is the new calendar for our next seminars. They will be held both in presence and online. Specific indications will be given with the announce of each seminar. Everybody and all is very welcome! OCTOBER 12th October…

Visuo-motor and interoceptive influences on peripersonal space representation following spinal cord injury

Authors Michele Scandola, Salvatore Maria Aglioti, Giovanna Lazzeri, Renato Avesani, Silvio Ionta & Valentina Moro Abstract Peripersonal space (PPS) representation is modulated by information coming from the body. In paraplegic individuals, whose lower limb sensory-motor functions are impaired or completely…

“Interoception and rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injury”

Next seminar: “Interoception and rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injury” Moro V., Ionta S., Ferrari F., Brocalero Camacho A. M., Perez Borrego Y. A., Monti A., Bassolino M., Kannape O., Scandola M.

The seminar will be held the 23/11/2019 at the Aula Zorzi B, Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17, at the Department of Human Sciences at the University of Verona.

Anyone and everyone are welcome to join.

The seminar will be held in Italian.

Reading the Mind in the Touch: Neurophysiological Specificity in the Communication of Emotions by Touch

Authors: Kirsch LP, Krahé C, Blom N, Crucianelli L, Moro V, Jenkinson PM, Fotopoulou A. Abstract Touch is central to interpersonal interactions. Touch conveys specific emotions about the touch provider, but it is not clear whether this is a purely…