About us

NPSY-Lab.Vr is the Neuropsychology Laboratory of the Department of Human Sciences of Verona University (director: Valentina Moro). In addition to the headquarter, located in the Department of Human Sciences in Verona’s University, there are two territorial bases at the Department of Rehabilitation in Sacro Cuore Hospital in Negrar (VR) and at the Alzheimer and Cognitive Disorders Center –DAI of the Integrated University Hospital organization.

Theresearch activity in the laboratory mainly concerns the study of patients affected by neurological damage or mental deterioration and involves local and international collaborations

Main areas of research:

  • Neural bases of body and action representation in healthy individuals and in patients with focal brain damage
  • Awareness in apraxia
  • Body representation in spinal cord injured subjects
  • Action representation in spinal cord injured subjects
  • Space representation in spinal cord injured subjects
  • Visual perception and imaging disorders in brain injury
  • The unilateralneglect syndrome
  • Dementia and mental deterioration
  • Awareness of disability and anosognosia for hemiplegia
  • Neuropsychological assessment and cognitive training after brain damage and in mental deterioration
  • Biological mechanisms of neural plasticity in rehabilitation processes
  • Psychomotricity
  • Neuroanthropology

NPSY-Lab.Vr also participates in neuropsychological assessments and the planning of rehabilitative training, using an interdisciplinary approach. Collaboration with other medical and non-medical professionals (from the fields of neurology, geriatry , rehabilitation, neuropsychiatry, pedagogy, anthropology, psychomotricity) is an important feature of the laboratory.

The Laboratory staff are also involved in educational university activities and training courses.