Neurosciences at School


The project is being realised thanks to the collaboration between the NPSY.Lab-VR and the Laboratory of Visual Arts DALI’ ARTS ( that has been involved in art workshop in schools and other educational contexts for some years.

Within this framework the project on Neurosciences at School was initiated a few years ago. Together with Valentina Moro there are two infant and primary school teachers (Deborah Fongaro and Antonella Angelino) and an illustrator (Alberto Baldisserotto).

Using the variety of expertise at their disposal, this team have devised a series of activities aimed at both the primary and secondary school pupils and their teachers.

The idea behind this project is that both adults and young people can improve their learning abilities  when they are informed about and aware of the biological processes that underly cognitive functions. This potentially may have a relevant impact on the building of individualized study methods.

We hope to interest the pupils in the field of neuroscience stimulating their curiosity and inducing them in the future to look for answers to their questions, by dedicating themselves to scientific research.

The project entitled “Let’s open our mind ….we will find our brain” is planned in two sessions for the children, each of them introduced by  an informative talk followed by a workshop involving artistical activity.

The session with the teachers includes an informative talk followed by a discussion.



19 marzo 2020 “XX Convegno nazionale Licei classici Europei” . Apprendimento e Neuroscienze
17 febbraio 2020 “Educandato agli Angeli, Verona Aspetti (anche) biologici dell’apprendimento”. Incontro con i docenti delle scuole medie
13 febbraio 2020 Liceo Marchesi, Padova.
       – ore 11.00 “Aspetti (anche) biologici dell’apprendimento.” Incontro con 6 classi di IV e V liceo scientifico e linguistico
       – ore 15.00 “Aspetti (anche) biologici del comportamento sociale“. Incontro con i docenti delle scuole superiori

10 December 2019 “Disabilità a scuola: il contributo delle neuroscienze“. (Verona) Valentina Moro.

3 December 2019 “Disabilità a scuola: il contributo delle neuroscienze“. (Verona) Valentina Moro

7 November 2018 Meeting with teachers of the High school  Marchesi-Fusinato, Padova

21 September 2018, KIDS UNIVERSITY

24 May 2018, primary school Don G. Albanello, Nogarole, Vicentino

19 April 2018:

  • primary school Istituto Comprensivo Noventa di Piave
  • meeting with teachers Istituto Comprensivo Novena di Piave

22 March 2018, primary school R.Romania

15 March 2018, primary school R.Rosani, Verona