BrainStim SYS


Brainstim SYS

Brainstim SYS

a transcranial stimulation with low-intensity direct current (tDCS) or alternating current (tACS, tRNS) generates neuromodulations in spontaneous neuronal activity (www.brainstim.com).


BioPAC MP150 System




composed by:

  1. 8 EEG channels

  2. 2 EMG channels

  3. 1 galvanic skin response sensor

  4. 1 respiration rate sensor

  5. 1 heart rate sensor

  6. 1 skin temperature sensor

Enactive Torch

The Enactive Torch

The Enactive Torch

a vibro-tactile feedback system to the body, whose strength is directly proportional to the distance of obstacles/objects from the tip.

Oculus Rift Head Mounted Virtual Reality Display


Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

A VR system for full-immersive virtual reality environments


Home-made equipment for cross-modal visuo-tactile experiments



A computer-controlled cross-modal visuo-tactile equipment.

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