Learning activity in Bologna

In January 2019 Doing Right(s) project’s international team  met in Bologna for the third learning activity and the transnational meeting. The aim, this time, was to develop the intellectual output#3: Key competences to work with LGBT+ parents and their children. Agenzia sociale e sanitaria della Regione Emilia Romagna hosted and guided us through a city tour, to meet the various and vibrant world pf practitioners in the public services and activists. Great experience!

Learning activity in Barcelona

In July 2018 in Barcelona took place the second learning activity and the third transnational meeting of the DOING RIGHT(S) project. The teams of the research group AFIN (UAB University) and Casal Lambda’s hosted us to develop the second output of the project: “Key training challnenges for professionals working with LGBT parents and their children“. Lots of people, lot of work, lot of passion! We had the chance to know better about the process which brought about the legal recognition of same-sex  marriage in Spain, and to discuss in depth with many key informants about the current situation for LGBT+ families in Spain, and Catalunya particularly. Long days and long nights in Barcelona, and passionate discussions blurred the borders between working and free time.

Kick off meeting in Verona

The Doing Right(s) project has been launched! On November 2017 the team met at the kick off meeting, for the first time all together, at the University of  Verona (Italy).

the team

Learning activity in Warsaw

In February 2018 DOING RIGHT(S) team met in Warsaw for the first Learning Activity. Five days of intense working to develop the first project’s outcome: “Words for Inclusion. An European Glossary on LGBT Parenthood“. Great job, and great encounters! In Warsaw we had the opportunity to visit the “Campaign Against Homophobia” NGO’s headquarters, coming in touch with their contagious enthusiasm and making a better idea of LGBT issues in Poland. Those days were perfect thanks to the effort and hospitality of the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and Stowarzyszenie Rzecz Na Osob LGBT Tolerado and their teams!