Summer school 2022

Human Sciences and social justice. Promoting rights and inclusion in work, healthcare, education

The concept of social justice prompts the human sciences to question the conditions that allow different subjects to be equal participants in the life of a society, to detect imbalances and barriers, and to design practices for the redistribution of resources and opportunities as well as for the construction of cultures of respect and inclusion.

This scenario involves multiple levels, where several actors play a key role: institutions, policy makers, professionals who work to promote the quality of life of people (for example, in the field of work, health, education, social services), and informal social actors, such as activists, associations and in general all the protagonists of movements oriented towards producing changes starting from the analysis of and collective taking over social issues.

The summer school explores the main themes that allow us to gain an understanding of the phenomena and processes that produce or hinder social justice in concrete contexts and offers analytical and practical tools oriented to constructing social justice in different professional and activist contexts.

The course is designed to offer the possibility of experimenting and adapting inclusive tools and methodologies to different areas of work and civic engagement. This experimentation takes place through dedicated workshops and encounters with professionals and activists working in a social justice-oriented way.

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of the school, participants will: 

– know the macro-social dynamics and phenomena that cross society, within which social (in)justice takes shape; 

– know how social justice issues impact different working and activist contexts and practices 

– be able to critically analyze the tools currently available to promote social justice and the theoretical frameworks and meanings within which these tools are developed; 

– be able to design, analyze and evaluate inclusive and equitable practices and organisations; 

– increase their teamwork skills; 

– be able to construct social justice-oriented projects


Septemper 5th – 16th, 2022

Schedule and programme