Social programme

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be on Wednesday 3 August at 20:00 at the restaurant Locanda ai Portici (address: Via Sottoriva 3C).

The Locanda ai Portici was recently established, following a passion for cooking and years of experience in catering that Zeno, owner and chef, wanted to resume, after various activities, right in Verona, in Sottoriva. Under the characteristic arcades of this area, in a fourteenth-century building, we find the signs of a past of beauty and antiquity that are the background to the tables prepared with grace, and to tasty dishes linked to the Veronese tradition and beyond. The dishes are made up of quality ingredients, expertly chosen and processed by the kitchen staff on the basis of seasonality, the typicality of the territory and good Italian cuisine (translated from their website).

See the fixed conference dinner menu here.

If you wish to participate in the dinner, please register as soon as possible to indicating also any dietary requirements. There is only a limited number of places left. Note that even if you answered “yes” in the survey (regarding interest in the dinner), please confirm your participation directly to

It is possible to pay the dinner (50€) in advance with PayPal at the bottom of the “Register” page, or you can pay in person with credit card or cash.

City tours

Participation in the city tours can be reserved and paid at the conference venue.

Guided tour nr 1 –  on the Thursday evening 4 August

Departure from Ponte Pietra. This route will allow you to discover some of the most evocative places in the city of Verona, passing through fascinating historical places. Meeting point of the participants at the Roman Ponte Pietra on the right side of the Adige (city center). After admiring the hill of Castel San Pietro with the vestiges of the Teatro Romano and the numerous buildings built in the following centuries, we continue along the medieval Via Sottoriva characterized by its suggestive arches, its shops and typical taverns. The itinerary continues towards the Scaligeri Tombs, the gothic burial of the Della Scala family and then reaches the elegant Piazza dei Signori with its important buildings that underline the greatness of Verona in the Commune and Scaligeri epochs. We arrive in Piazza Erbe, the ancient and important Roman forum. We will conclude the walk in Piazza Bra where, in addition to the Arena, the very important Roman amphitheater, we will be able to admire splendid palaces from later periods.

Roman bridge “Ponte Pietra”

Guided tour nr  2 – on the Friday afternoon 5 August

Departure from Castelvecchio (courtyard), visit to the Ponte Scaligero and explanation of the military structure now a museum. We continue along Corso Cavour illustrating its magnificent palaces to arrive at Porta Borsari, an ancient east-west entrance to the Roman city. Along the decumano we will arrive in Piazza Erbe, the market square where the ancient Roman forum was located. We continue towards the Duomo to admire the splendid facade, the excavations pertaining to the first Christian buildings of worship, the Chapter Library (among the oldest in the world) and the cloister of the canons, wich Dante certainly admired when he was in Verona.


Opera at the Arena of Verona

It’s opera season at the Roman Arena in Verona in the summer. As the conference schedule shows, one performance falls in our period: Turandot on Thursday 4 August. Conference guests may reserve opera tickets privately. We recommend bringing your own cushions for the seating on the stone steps. For cast and tickets click here.