Travel and Venue

Participants to the conference will need to arrange their own travel and accommodation. The following categories give suggestions for travel, food and accommodation.


By train: Both the main station (Verona Porta Nuova) and Verona Porta Vescovo are located at a reasonable distance from the city centre. Buses 11, 12 and 13 from ATV connect these two train stations by passing through the city centre (Piazza Bra, with the famous Arena).

By bus: Companies such as Flixbus directly connect the station Verona Porta Nuova with most Middle European cities (e.g. Frankfurt, Paris, Lyon, Zurich, Munich or Vienna) for a cheap price.

By airplane: The Veronese airport Valerio Catullo is a relatively small airport, connected with Verona Porta Nuova by frequent bus fares from ATV. It might be worth landing in Milan or Venice instead and taking the train to Verona.

By bike: The panoramic Adige bikeway connects the Austrian border (at the Reschen and Brenner Pass) with Verona, passing through Bolzano, Merano and Trento, along the river.
There is a bike rental service from the Municipality of Verona, called Verona Bike, which allows you to rent a bicycle for some time period and return it to one of the bike stations. This service only works with a VISA, Mastercard or Amex credit card.


Verona is full of magnificent restaurants. For a quick lunch break close to the conference site you will find convenient:

  • Antica Bottega del Vino, Via Scudo di Francia, 3 in the city centre
  • Bar Cambridge, Via S. Francesco 1 (closest to the conference site, panini and more)
  • Bar Le Pinte, Via S. Francesco 4 (panini and more)
  • Piadineria Artigiana Bacchabundus, Via dell’Artigliere 17 (highest quality piadine with all imaginable stuffings, but you have to eat standing or take out)
  • Caffè Fuori Corso, Via Nicola Mazza 7 (lots of different salad combinations as well as first and second courses)
  • Tabulè, Via Nicola Mazza 4/a (very nice Lebanese restaurant close to the conference site)
  • The Kitchen, Via Nicola Mazza 63a (Canadian run, soups and salads and (long) Canadian coffee)
  • Doctor’s Club, Via Timavo 12 (for a regular sit-down meal)

In the evening there are many nice osterie from which to choose in the Old Town, for example:

  • Any osteria on the Via Sottoriva (especially if you like fish)
  • Osteria da Ugo, Vicolo Dietro Sant’Andrea 1/b (somewhat hidden, but well worth finding)
  • Arca di Noè, Via Venti Settembre 3 (unassuming, but excellent affordable food from pizza to specialities from the South/Puglia; also a possibility for lunch, still on the university’s side of the river).
  • Osteria Sgarzarie, Corte Sgarzarie 14A (high-end, one of the best in town)
  • Ristorante 12 Apostoli, Vicolo Corticella S. Marco 3 (claimed to be the highest-end of all)

15 minutes by foot from the conference site, close to S. Vescovo, there are two truly authentic osterie at very good value. Book in advance, for they are always full:

  • Osteria da Morandin, Via Venti Settembre 144
  • Osteria Ai Osei, Via Venti Settembre 124/B


Verona being known all over the world to hordes of romantic-tempered tourists, accommodation can be expensive and it is therefore wise to book in advance. Consider checking e.g. AirBNB.
There are several B&Bs close to the conference site. They are all reasonable and usually cheaper than the B&Bs or hotels you find on the other side of the river, in the Old Town (centro storico):

  • B&B A Casa di Luca, Via Scrimiari 22
  • B&B Ai Leoni, Via Venti Settembre 7
  • B&B Museo, Via Museo 3
  • B&B Lo Stregatto, Via Cantarane 22
  • B&B Ad Centrum, Lungadige Porta Vittoria 23

Although January is not high tourist season in Verona, you should book early if you want to stay close to the conference site.