APsyM Lab & PhD Course in Human Sciences, University of Verona


Italian Psychological Association (I/O section)


International Summer School in Meta-analysis for psychological research. 
DISTANCE COURSE, 12 – 14 July 2021

Aims and topics
Meta-analysis is a set of statistical method to integrate and evaluate the results of several combinable independent studies. The use of these statistical methods is growing in psychology and in organizational psychology research as a powerful tool to explain heterogeneity between the results of combinable independent studies, if any, and replicability of results. In sum meta-analysis is a quantitative approach to reviewing research literature in a specific area.
The aims of the course are: grow awareness on issues related to replicability of results and therefore on the benefits of a meta-analytic approach; recall theoretical and applied issues related to linear models with random effects; offer theoretical and applicative skills to build and interpret meta-analysis results with R and Jamovi; offer some examples of meta-analysis in psychological research. The course will last three days and will be held online. Regarding teaching methods, the course will combine instructor presentations, reading and analysis of published studies, guided practical exercises, and autonomous practical exercises.