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Comitato Scientifico

  • Luigina Mortari
  • Giuseppe Tacconi
  • Laura Calafà
  • Roberta Silva
  • Loretta Fabbri
  • Ettore Felisatti
  • Luigina Mortari
  • Graziano Pravadelli
  • Luisa Saiani

Luigina Mortari

Prof. Luigina Mortari is Dean of the Department of Human Sciences (University of Verona) and she is Professor of Philosophy of Education and Methodology of Research and Epistemology of Qualitative Inquiry at the University of Verona. She is member of the following international research associations: A.E.R.A. (American Educational Research Association); E.A.R.L.I. (European Association Research in Learning and Instruction); A.T.E.E. (Association for Teacher Education in Europe), S.P.E.P. (Study in Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy); N.A.A.E.E. (North American Association for Environmental Education
and Canadian Society for Educational Research). She is also Director of CRED (Center of Educational and Didactic Research) of the University of Verona. She is currently a member of the ethics’ committee that evaluate the research involving healthcare contexts. Moreover, she is reviewer for many national and international journals and among them she is reviewer for the Journal “Research Ethics” edited by Sage. She took her Master Degree in Education (University of Verona – Italy) and took her Ph.D. in Education (University of Padua – Italy). She was coordinator of the Team for Teaching Assessment at the University of Verona and member of the National Committee for designing the “New School Framework” – Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and consultant for the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. She published 20 books (5 of them have been translated and published in other countries): 15 as single author and 5 as co-author and she is curatorship or co- curatorship of 17 books and she published more than 70 articles in national and international journals. ==> Go to the institutional webpage

Giuseppe Tacconi

Giuseppe Tacconi is researcher at the Department of Human Sciences of the University of Verona and Adjunct Professor of Training and Research Methods in the undergraduate course and Master’s program in Education for Organizations; he is member of the Post-graduate committee for the PhD course in Human sciences at the same University. He is the coordinator of the Center for Action Research in Vocational Education and Training (CARVET: www.carvet.org); he is also member of the Scientific Committee of some Italian Journal for VET (“Rassegna Cnos. Problemi, esperienze, prospettive per l’Istruzione e la formazione professionale”, “Professionalità studi”) and member of the Evaluation Group of the University of Verona (2013-2018). He is Visiting Professor at the University of Applied Sciences (KSFH) of Munich (Germany) and at the EAFIT University of Medellin (Colombia) with which he is coordinating the Joint Master for Social Enterprise Manager for Social Innovation and Local Development. He has focused for years on issues related to the VET system, having studied in depth and from several points of view the practices and the contexts where VET takes place (Tra scuola e lavoro, Roma, 2015), with particular reference to assess practices and training methods (La didattica al lavoro, Milano, 2011). His interests are about the epistemology of practice based upon reflection in/on action, the relevance of work practice and personal experience for the improvement of continuous VET practices and Teacher Education, and in general the relationship between learning and work. == > Go to the institutional webpage

Laura Calafà

Is full professor of labour law and european labour law, faculty of law at University of Verona. She qualified in three main fields: labour law, EU law and antidiscrimination law, safety and security at work. In relation to labour law, her main focus is currently to explore the new forms of contract of employment and the national and supranational regulation of immigration. In relation to EU law, she has been examining parental leaves, especially focusing on the European Court of Justice case law. In relation to antidiscrimination law, she has been analyzing the European Union and National legal framework on equal treatment. == > Go to the institutional webpage

Roberta Silva

Roberta Silva received her PhD in Education from the University of Verona (BA and MA at Milan University). She has been Research Assistant and Associate Lecturer and she is currently Temporary Assistant Professor at the Verona University. Her main research fields are on side epistemology and qualitative methods and on the other side Cognitive Cultural Studies and their relationship with Audience Studies.She is currently member of AERA (American Educational Research Association), SIPED (Società Italiana di Pedagogia e Didattica), SIRD (Società Italiana di RicercaDidattica) and CRED (Center of Educational and Didactic). Among her publications:Mortari, L., & Silva, R. (2017). Analyzing How Discursive Practices Affect Physicians’ Decision-Making Processes: A Phenomenological-Based Qualitative Study in Critical Care Contexts. INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing and Silva R. (2013), “Representing Adolescent Fears: Theory of Mind and Fantasy Fiction.” International Research in Children’s Literature 6.2. == > Go to the institutional webpage

Graziano Pravadelli

Graziano Pravadelli is a full professor at the department of Computer Sciences of the University of Verona. His main research field are on modelling and simulation of embedded systems, semi-formal approaches for embedded system verification, fault models and test generation for embedded systems, embedded systems for virtual coaching of daily life activities. == > Go to the institutional webpage

Luisa Saiani

Luisa Saiani is a Full Professor with the Department of Diagnostics and Public Health. Her main fields of research are nursing-sensitive outcomes, gerontological nursing care, nurse caring and nursing education. She is a founding member of the Editorial Board of the Italian Scientific Journal “Assistenza Infermieristica e Ricerca”. == > Go to the institutional webpage

Loretta Fabbri

Loretta Fabbri is full Professor of Didactics and methodology of educational and training processes at the University of Siena. ==> Go to the institutional page

Ettore Felisatti

Ettore Felisatti is a full professor of Experimental Pedagogy at the University of Padova. ==> Go to the institutional page