Review of research on University pedagogy and faculty development

This Research project aims to deepen the knowledge of the complex matters related to the university pedagogy, collecting evidence about the strategies that work better. The research work will consist in the construction of scoping review and systematic review about some of the following topics:

  • instructional strategies in Higher education (for example lecture, class teaching, exercises, supervision, examination, co-examination, distance teaching, inquiry learning, problem based learning, internet-based teaching etc.);
  • educational conceptions spread among teachers and students;
  • models for planning didactic activities and developing courses;
  • models and tools of evaluation;
  • initial and continuous training of Higher Education’ teachers (models, PBL courses, workshops, academic development, collegial guidance and supervision);
  • the effectiveness of peer supervision and mentoring on the development of competences;
  • the effectiveness of repertoires of materials to support teaching;
  • models and tools for students’ achievement assessment;
  • the contribution that study administration tasks (study board membership, accreditation tasks, participation to committees and commissions etc.) have or can have for the development of educational competences.
  • After a first analysis on the state of the international research, the topics to deepen will be chosen.